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Little Acorns: Birth–18 months

We can take 15 babies in these 2 rooms but usually do not exceed 12 as we want to offer quality not quantity.


Bev Stancer – Senior Nursery Nurse
Kelly Horwell – Nursery Nurse
Becky McPherson – Nursery Nurse
Karla Scrivener – Nursery Nurse

In Little Acorns all babies have their individual needs met and their happiness and contentment is paramount to everything we do for them.

We will follow each parent’s wishes for their child’s routine as best we can.

Individual diets are followed for children who have special requirements.

Parents are asked to bring in their baby’s bottles, nappies and a spare change of clothing for their child. Clothes should be suitable for the nursery environment and should all be named.

We have resources for water, sand and messy play as well as construction toys etc. There is a separate sleep room/play room.

Individual learning journeys are kept of your child to record their development throughout the nursery and enable staff to plan activities to fulfil their individual needs.

Day books are kept of your child’s daily progress.

Children also have the opportunity to access the outdoor area throughout the day.

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