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Young Oaks: 2 years–5 years


Kelly Atkinson – Deputy Manager
Julie Nicholson – Senior Nursery Nurse
Marcella Bayston – Nursery Nurse
Anne Grainger – Nursery Nurse
Viv Tait – Part Time Nursery Nurse
Annette Dack – Supply Nursery Nurse
Leah Harker - Apprentice

This room is large and airy and children are encouraged to make their own choices in what they want to play with. Staff enhance this play and make observations to enable them to plan activities to move the children on to their next development steps. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is used to determine what a child’s next steps are.

There are computers for the children to play and learn on.

The children have access to the outdoor area and can free flow from indoors to outdoors whenever they chose.

At each stage of the day when group time activities take place, the pre-school children have access to their own room which allows them to engage in more age appropriate activities.

Learning journeys are kept on each child and are given to parents when the child leaves Young Oaks.

Day books are kept on your child’s daily progress.

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